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Truck Campers

A truck camper is a Recreational Vehicle that sits inside the bed of your truck. It helps provide more space to your truck and it features a bathroom, a small kitchen, and maybe a bed.

Truck campers enable you to have a great camping experience. And the good thing about campers is that they can go anywhere trucks can travel to. This property makes them essential if you want to avoid crowded places. They can take you almost everywhere. But the question is, how do you select a truck camper that will satisfy your needs?

. Lance Truck Camper; Model 855s These are some of the best campers you can ever. They are specifically made for short-bed trucks. Features include: Floor length: 8’11” Dry weight: 2997 lbs. Sleeping capacity: 4-5 Interior: maple

These campers are suitable for people in need of more room in a short bed camper. Their dinettes can only accommodate four people. It includes features such as LED lighting, aerodynamic nose cap, a bathroom, a carpeted bed base, deluxe innerspring mattress.

The walls. Floor, cab-over, and roof of these truck campers are constructed with aluminum.

NuCamp Cirrus NuCamp Cirrus is available in two models including, the 820 and the 920 The specifications of NuCamp Cirrus model 820 include: Floor Length: 8-feet 6-inch Overall Length: 17-feet 4-inch Overall Height: 8-feet 7-inch Exterior Height: 7-feet 6-inch Interior Height: 6-feet 7-inch Bed Area: 60-inch x 80-inch The specifications of NuCamp Cirrus 920 include: Floor Length: 10-feet 1-inch Overall Length: 18-feet 10-inch Overall Height: 8-feet 7-inch Exterior Height: 7-feet 7-inch Interior Height: 6-feet 6-inch

Each of the models features a 32-gallon gray tank, 18-gallon black tank, 38-gallon freshwater, as well as two 20-lb propane tanks. The two models also have standard radiant heat and A/C.

The models can come with all or some of these: roof rack, rea awning, 200-watt solar kits, torklift glow steps, the wireless rear camera just to mention a few.

Adventurer Truck Campers Having been in been existence since 1969, adventurer truck camper has 6 models. They consist of some of the best campers existing on this planet. These campers give you maximum space and offer you the comfort you need. So, if you are looking to have a great camping experience, and you are wondering if you can use a truck camper, adventurer truck campers can work best for you. Their interiors are simple to take care of. Most of them are equipped with bathrooms with showers and toilets. Some of the models have queen beds inside.

Livin’ Lite Camplite One of the main features of Livin' lite camplite campers is, they are not made of wood. Plus, they offer you more room for comfort. The entire structure of these truck campers, including the kitchen cabinets, are constructed with aluminum. Its specifications include:

Insulated walls Auto-adjusting brakes w/EasyLube® Axles Vacuum-Bonded Walls Laminated w/Composite Material 3-Tier Glue Process making them stronger & more durable

Alpha Superflex® Roof which makes the truck campers more durable, less chalking & streaking. Composite Material throughout making them water & mold resistant Laminated Floor – Thick w/Fiberglass, Block Foam & Composite Material (R9 insulation)

Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox This comprises of two models of truck campers, that is, the arctic fox and the wolf creek.

Arctic fox

Arctic fox comprises of the following specifications: Dry Weight: 2873 Interior Height: 6’7″ Floor Length: 9’0″ Overall Length: 16’8″ Exterior Height (approx.): 8’7″ (10′ w/A/C) Exterior Width (approx.): 8’1″ Its standard features make it stand out among other campers. Some of the standard features include dinette slide, heated holding tanks, residential wear floor covering, exterior shower, cathedral arched ceiling, thick walls constructed with aluminum.

Northstar The most known truck caper models from Northstar is pop-ups. Most of these truck campers come equipped with extended cabover bed, screen door, happijac 4-corner jacks, domestic 3.7 cubic foot 3-way fridge.

These are some of the best truck campers you can think of buying. Although depending on your camping needs, it is recommended that you do research first and find out which of the trucks best suits your needs.